Literally was uncertain as to how this whole thing would go. 


I have been recovering from a major sinus attack this past week and yesterday, I woke up with the most absurd amount of pressure on my head, that I got dizzy. But I had so much to do and I had to figure it out fast. I am a rather homeopathic individual and although said remedies worked...they weren’t working fast enough. SO a little Zicam and a hit of Alka-Seltzer chased quite a bit of it away. 

Luckily in time for some weekend fun. Myself and Kyle went to Jame Night at Tonic room and I was watching and waiting. I’m not gonna front - anything brand new for me, especially when it comes to performances, I have to see how things go. I did wait. I caught myself instantly in a bit of doubt and second guessing, especially because I am dealing with major sinus upset right now. Will I sound good, what the hell am I about to sing, will words actually come out and then it was like - ok. I’ll go.  



And literally ran off the stage - just like that. I am almost paying for singing as much as I did this weekend, but I will say it was worth it.  

Certainly worth it.  

- Asia Monique