I realized that I needed to take a break this week.  


Its Friday! It feels like it’s been forever since my last post, but this week has been a slow one. A slow, that was in fact necessary. I’m still pushing to get several songs done before the end of the month, but I also have a few other goals I’m trying to hit at the same exact time. With that - even in giving myself and my body time to adjust, I began to work on my body goals.

For example, I pushed myself to run a 10k in part of a Ragnar challenge called, “Run for Girls” and I made it to 5.25. I knew it would take me longer than usual to run comfortably, as I’ve not ran a single mile since July - but I felt accomplished. 

Along with that, this weekend starts the beginning of my sound production course with Hyperbits and I’m so stoked to share that. 

So I guess I haven’t rested lol, but we will still refer to this period as such until it gets incredibly busy in Q1. 

Love y’all!

 - Asia Monique