So I was hosting a pageant this past weekend. 


This is my second timd participating in the pageant and in its third year, I got to be the host!  



I got to spend time all of Saturday, prior to the show, running through the show setup and I even got to meet some of the girls which was awesome. They had an amazing opening dance routine and did I mention how fab they all were?! Omg. Just adorbs. Overall you could tell the girls, along with their moms put in some serious work and they each did an awesome job. The girls were each talented, intelligent and seriously fashionable. Like - I saw a few gowns I needed ASAP! 


Cortnee Gutierrez, CEO of Miss to Mrs. Social and Senior Director of the Miss Too Cute Pageant and workshop (who is also my Soror 😊) did an awesome job!!! She and her Executive team made sure everything was laid out and that it went as smoothly as possible. So that’s production all the way down to the overall execution. So I was to have a co-host for this program, to later be informed a few days prior to the show that I would be holding down the hosting part - I said I got this!!! Cortnee said “you will be fine. I’ll be there so if you need anything, just ask.” Loved it.

But you all, it literally is a performance, ok? You have to take your time and get comfy. You want to make sure everyone is feeling great, especially the babies and the staff. Cortnee spent time with the judges to make sure they too were in good spirits (pictured above).




With my last minute dress and even further my hair choice, I think I pulled it all right together lol! So embrace these candids! Lol.

I’ll certainly be there next year and I hope you will come out as well!



Winners of the Miss Too Cute Pageant by division with Judges.

Winners of the Miss Too Cute Pageant by division with Judges.

Love y’all!!! 

- Asia Mo