Should push us past a certain point...

Or, well - remind us of a great time. Even a not so great time, and the performance solidifies it all...or should at least.

The above thoughts are the very things I think of when I write and then record. I have gotten into such a mode that I think, “oh a demo is fine.” But that same mindset puts me at a disadvantage when it comes to actual, professional session time.


So, to help flush out alllllllll of my thoughts: we enlist the help of my vocal coach and singer/songwriter Molly Lehr of Red Cloud Studiod here in Chicago. She levels me out, brings a fresh perspective to this process and simply where I’m at with a track. 

We sat down for a few hours in front of a huge bag of leftover Halloween candy, myself, Molly and manager/producer iProduceWNDRS to go through current pieces and to see what we come up with in the setting. 



This part of the process is fun, yet challenging because we all hear something different. So we talk and vet our ideas out. 🤗Rinse. Dry. Repeat.


Love y’all! 

Asia Monique