And for the first time in a long time, I think I did my thing. 


It was hot. Water was dripping from every inch of the ceilings. I was agitated because we couldn’t get the sound right and then as quickly as my band played in “Summer Games,” I was ending my set with my new material. WHEW!


So we (yes “we”) got booked two days before I flew out of the country. I almost missed the message as I was in the center of a personal crisis, but I read it twice. Like - did that really say Reggie’s? Listen. That is huge, especially as it’s a staple on the music scene. Naturally, I have several venues on my bucket list I want to tackle here in Chicago and I am so excited to say I can add this to my venue list. 


Lead Guitar: Jake Ishlar, Drums: Myron Cherry, vocalist: Asia Monique   

Lead Guitar: Jake Ishlar, Drums: Myron Cherry, vocalist: Asia Monique


But for the week/weekend of the show, everything was ramping up. Between the usual logistics, along scheduling “glam time,” I was fighting to stay well, mainly due to the weather. All in all I ended keeping my sinuses in check and sweat out my fresh ‘do because when I say it was HOT on Saturday I mean it!


Bass: Tyler Seawood and yes - that is my water bottle of a child on stage with me  

Bass: Tyler Seawood and yes - that is my water bottle of a child on stage with me  

The picture above is me performing a cover of Masego’s “Bounce.” That record is absolutely everything!!!!!! OMG I love it. Always have a great time performing it. Even looking at this picture, brings me to the lessons I learn from this performance and continuously deal with regularly. 

Keep going.

I am normally rather unbothered when I’m on the stage, but I am also so in the zone that I have the hardest time wanting to engaging or knowing how to, between my sets. IDK. I’m awkward. It’s cool LOL. But between that, the sound issues and just some other logistical mess - I have to constantly remind myself to keep going. I feel like things of that sort happen to take you off your game and it happens at every given performance. Does not fail.



It may never be perfect, but at least you can say you were made aware of an equipment issue, change in load in, etc. Stay on top of it!

Set expectations.

Always. You should always be in expectation of something great no matter how it may look or feel. These are the things that will help you carry on in life, as well as your career.

Remain humble.

Never hurts to get to know people. I had someone come up to me and tell me that they came out to see me as a long time fan and listener of my music. Never met this person a day in my life, but didn’t realize that this was the same person who had been speaking with me about my music and my overall brand over the past few weeks. Like wow. That changed everything for me.


Vocalist: Asia Monique Mays



How Do I feel?  

I can say after looking back, proud of myself. I am far more critical than even my Management/Producer and I will say that I am proud. I am also honored to have shared the stage with such amazing talent here in Chicago, which was D’Zhari (opener) and Jack Red  (Headliner). Talking about major talent as they each killed their set! It was such a great night in music for Chicago and I know there will be more! Shout out to Fun House for organizing a great evening!



Photo Credit: Charles Andre Thomas