Inside Redcloud Studios

Inside Redcloud Studios

It has been a full on week since we’ve spoken, and that has been mighty rare for me, I know! But I have been putting somethings into action and hitting the ground running.  


So, last week I showed you all the two white boards we have in the studio room - well, within a week’s time a lot has certainly happened. I wanted to change the scope of how I go about obtaining the things I am after, namely my sound. In order to do that, I wanted to pull together elements that can help me achieve the sound I am after, as I need folks other than myself and Kyle to further that cause. So literally within a week’s time, the sounds, the people, the places have all lined up. 

This weekend we booked it to Logan to meet up with my vocal coach, Molly, of Redcloud Studios to go through my current folder of demos! The goal was to write some hits, see what we love/not so love about it all and how we can add some sprinkles on it all.  

Ya’ll - this is getting good. I am so pleased and in awe of how this process is going. Initially when I opened up this blog to begin giving a taste of what I have been up to and the behind the scenes process, I honestly had no idea where it would lead, but looks like the ignition has started on this vehicle. I am truly excited to see where it all leads. 

Have a great day all!