Sometimes you have to take a second to sit and reflect on a few things. 

I feel like the first full month after my birthday, is always random. Although I have a schedule, its like a new year, new month wth do I do? So I end up falling off and letting things get in the way. Its like a vacation month for me so to speak.

But here it is September, and I have so many things I want to tackle.


A few goals I want to hit:

1) Patience: I have gotten into the habit again of allowing my right now vision to take over my long term goal and I get testy. But, I want to just work on that. Also patience with myself and my body goals. I got some more gains to make. 

2) Perisistence: I’ve hit a number of personal goals and have become comfortable. Why?IDK, but old Asia would celebrate and aim higher. then higher. Then wherever else beyond that. My settling isn’t just because I wanted to, but somehow I’ve gotten into the habit of taking a back seat to my ambition.


I have a few more, but this is the major one! 

I think July was pretty good,August was great but limbo-eque, but September? Gonna be great. Its still 2018 and I want to say I saw my goals all the way thru! 

How about you all? What are your goals?


Cheers to a great month!