Asia Monique - living her best life. 

Asia Monique - living her best life. 

Because it’s true. 

That’s me. Sometimes you can find me in that very spot, normally with my iPad in hand, writing and listening to a beat from my iPhone. Other times, the dining room table, aka “my office space.” 


This week, its all about putting my thoughts and desires into actionable items. Honesty, I get distracted. Life comes at me sometimes and I cannot tell you how I do, but I get through it. 

I think my question to self has been - “but what is your ‘bounce back’ game like, though?” How are you coping with these distractions?  

It’s a brand new month and I’v created a personal challenge for myself, to help me stay on track with my career goals. I want to release my best new music and I -here- spent the day researching, reaching out and reviewing my present material, just so I know best how to speak on what I am after this time around, musically.

I’ve been wanting to release something new for the past few years, but I have stumbled across something recently. Its MY sound, MY vibe and whew! Where this is going - we are all gonna find out, ok?! I’m super excited. But I just wanted to let you all know, I’m cooking up some great things. :) !