Ok so what happened with the songwriting boot camp?  

Welp. Everything actually. The purpose of this thing to begin with, was to help me develop a process. To figure out, what makes me tick and how I can channel that more frequently. I got through the writing aspects of it, now its all about recording those songs and better acclimating myself to understanding pro tools.  

So the pros: I developed a methodology that I can stick to. Not really a machine type deal, but to get comfortable with a true workflow and to be proud of it.

The cons: consistency. It’s true. But - that is a great discovery. I need these types of challenges to help me see where I’m lacking and where my focus should be. I allowed so many different things to take me off of my square last year, that I cannot afford to get caught up in the same things and allow that to shake my energy. 

So - its looking good.